Boone Prairie School seeks to provide an affordable quality education based on a classical foundation.  Fostering an overall sense of community between the administration, teachers, students and parents.  


Children learn in various ways.  Our vision is to allow kids to have a balance of recitation, reading, lecture and hands on learning.   Boone Prairie takes seriously the partnership of parents and teachers. The parents of its students play an active role in their children’s studies and in supporting the vision of Boone Prairie.      Students will be intentionally taught the benefits of a virtuous character and will be challenged through the lessons taught within the curriculum to develop and strengthen their character.

Spiritual Instruction
We believe that it is the role of the family and the church to be the source of spiritual instruction for children, and it is the role of the school to support the instruction of the church and family, not to supplant it. The focus of Boone Prairie School is to provide students with an outstanding liberal arts education that is culturally rich in traditional American values in a Christian environment, surrounded by caring teachers and staff, without preference for one denominational set of beliefs over another.    

Boone Prairie - The people who plan and implement


Shawna Reinhardt


Shawna Reinhardt is the mother of 4 children ranging from teen to toddler.  She home-schooled her daughter through second grade and her son through first grade.   Shawna has an extensive background in Sales and Marketing into F-500 organizations.   After “retiring” to stay home with the kids, Shawna has co-authored a book, rehabbed and managed a wedding barn, served on a few boards, owned rental properties and managed a full time family.    She co-founded Boone Prairie School after identifying a need for an affordable classical hybrid school in the NW Indy area. 


Bret Reinhardt


Traci Lavender

Lower Elementary

           Marlo Neustifter

                  Latin, Language Arts

Jamie Porter 

 Lower Elementary 

Lisa Klekovkin 

 Lower Elementary 

 Greg Runyan 


Tanya Sumner 

 Admin/Language Arts

Cathleen Cryer

            Upper Middle School/High School

                        Art and Music

Tara Weichel

    Middle School/High School

William Price 

                  Founding History/HS

Michelle McKaig

            Upper Middle School/High School

Peggy Lucas 

 HS Math