Boone Prairie Tuition and Book Fee

Tuition by Grade Days/Week Tuition (per year) Books

K-2nd Grade

3 day (W-F)



3rd-4th Grade 3 day $4795 $355
5th-8th Grade 3 day $4985 $380
9th 3 day $5800 $400

Tuition Discounts Available

Teachers/Faculty/Families with more than one enrolled child

Class Schedules

Boone Prairie School is a co-school/hybrid model with attendance 3 days a week and 2 school days at home.   This requires partnership with the parents.    Certain activities such as reading, assigned math work, penmanship practice, narrative type discussion and other assignments will be done at home.   There are required library days and field trips scheduled on home days.   There will also be a couple of times during the year that students and parent volunteers will be required to participate in running their “business”.    This might include selling Carpenter Bee Traps, baby chicks, pumpkins, plant starts, building items and working at the Christmas market… 

September – May | 7:55 am-3pm | Wednesday-Friday

No school the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year, Spring Break (First Week of March).

We seek families and teachers with a commitment to academics, leadership, and character who support our mission.